5 ways to minimise cavities at Christmas

We love Christmas and Christmas in Marbella is magical! The Old Town has been decked out in twinkling Christmas lights and is looking gorgeous, the nativity scenes are open to the public and kids can pop into several grottos to see Santa. We’d recommend going to Plaza de la Iglesia and have a look at a very special nativity scene, made up of Playmobil characters – it’s brilliant.

Whether you’re in Marbella or further afield, Christmas is a time for indulgence, with snacks, sweets, cakes and chocolate wherever you look. Here in Spain, Turron (nougat) is a vital part of any Christmas celebration and it comes as sticky chewy versions, hard versions and even covered in chocolate – delicious. We all know that these snacks are high in sugar, which can attack your teeth and cause cavities to form, so this is a tricky time for our teeth. However, we also need to be realistic and know that we will not be popular if we start to pack away all the sweets, so the key to minimising tooth decay is choosing the best sugary treats and knowing how to care for your teeth during this time.  

  1. Avoid sticky or chewy sweets and snacks which are more prone to get stuck onto your teeth and can take a lot longer to leave your mouth than you might think. Harder sweets and snacks are better as far as your teeth are concerned.
  2. Be more vigilant than normal about teeth cleaning and make it a habit to go and brush after sugary snacks and treats and after meals.
  3. Talk to your kids about caring for their teeth over this period and perhaps give them a fun toothbrush with their favourite character on it to make it more fun. Making them aware about dental health from an early age will help them to have good teeth and gums throughout their lives.
  4. Eat an apple a day – biting into a whole apple with its skin on helps to clean teeth and is a good alternative to a sugary snack
  5. Drink plenty of water to cleanse the mouth naturally

We’d also recommend booking a check-up and clean in January to let your dentist make sure the whole family’s teeth are in good condition after the festive feasts.

This year we will be closed from Thursday 21st till Tuesday 26th December.

From all the team at MarDenta, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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