Dental Tourism in Marbella

The UK has the most expensive dentists in Europe according to health-care publisher Intuition and it’s not just the high prices that are frustrating patients. Which? revealed that half of the dentists they surveyed failed to display a price list and make costs clear to patients, leaving them confused and worried about what treatment costs would be. According to the Telegraph the feeling that you can’t shop around and get quotes without costly assessment examinations is leaving patients trapped and forced to foot huge bills for the good of their teeth.

If you can relate to this situation and may be putting off treatment due to costs, we recommend exploring the options for dental tourism. Here in Marbella costs can be between half and a third cheaper than the same treatment in the UK, using the same quality materials. Given the low cost and frequent flights between the UK and Malaga, plus the large amount of good value accommodation outside of the peak summer period, you can still save a lot, even taking into consideration flights and hotel costs.

If you need to have significant dental work, then the savings can be huge and we can work out a treatment plan to coincide with visits, or work a holiday around the treatment you need. How we do this will depend on what treatment you need, as with implants for example there is healing time required between fitting the implants and then adding the crowns, whereas with non-surgical procedures we can do everything in a short period of time.

At the MarDenta Dental Clinic in Marbella, our two lead dentists Dr Pilar Rios and Dr Nacho Durán have worked in both NHS and private practice dentists in the UK for six years and so they speak fluent English and understand your expectations and concerns. They learned a lot in the UK, continuing their post graduate studies whilst working and helping a large number of people with a wide range of problems. Having had this experience, but seeing how high the costs could be for patients in the UK, they decided to return to their native Spain to set up MarDenta in the international hotspot of Marbella.

They have already had patients from the UK come over and enjoy the cost savings and combine this with a great holiday. It’s not just the costs either, the service is better too as they can be much more generous with their time in their own practice. “We allocate 45 minutes per appointment here in Marbella, whereas in the UK we would have to squeeze in a patient in 10/15 minutes which meant you couldn’t spend as much time explaining treatment options and calming nerves. Now we have the time and a great team of specialists, we can pass on the lower costs as great savings for our patients.”

If you’re interested in coming to Marbella for dental work, send us an email or give us a call. We can discuss your treatment needs and if you’ve already had x-rays, scans or assessments we can give you a quote and treatment plan without you needing to visit. Alternatively, you can book an appointment during your next holiday to meet the team, have an examination and receive your treatment plan during your stay. It’s possible we could start the treatment there and then, or we can arrange a time for you to return for the work when it’s convenient for you.

We are here to help you have the best care, receive the best treatment in great surroundings. We can recommend hotels and low cost airlines, and will work with you to make everything as easy as possible and save you money. Contact our Marbella dental clinic us to find out how we can help.