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We are specialists in helping nervous patients. Our highly qualified team know what it takes to get your mouth back to full health, and we’ll take the time and make the effort to make it as easy for you as possible. Here’s how –

  1. We let you choose your lead dentist – Both Nagore and Nacho are really patient and kind, but we find that some patients prefer dealing with women, and others prefer dealing with men, so we put that choice in your hands.
  2. We take time to talk about your fears, your experience with dentists in the past, your pain and problems that you’re experiencing with your teeth. Spending time with you enables us to understand you better and tailor your treatment, but also allows you to get used to us and the environment before we start the treatment.
  3. We discuss the treatment plan and let you make the decisions. Being out of control is scary, so we take the time to talk you through our treatment plan. We tell you about alternatives when they are available and also discuss costs and time frames, so you know what you’re signing up to.
  4. We offer sedation – Unfortunately, people who are scared of the dentist often leave it so long before they come to see us that things have got really bad. This means that we often need to do very invasive procedures such as extractions and implants. These take time and can cause nervous patients a lot of stress, so we offer sedation. Our sedation specialist is Ignacio Duran Leardi, a Doctor and intensive care specialist, with 30 years’ experience working in Marbella and Gibraltar. He is also head of his department at the Quiron Hospital in Marbella, so you know you are in very safe hands.
  5. We understand your fears – It is our job to make you feel comfortable and take away your fears as much as possible. We will not make you feel silly about being scared. We will keep checking if everything is OK and offer to stop if you’re feeling stressed. We know that often these fears are based on very traumatic experiences, so we will never belittle them. We will try to understand what exactly is making you nervous and do everything in our power to remove this problem.

Please get in touch and we can help you conquer your fears!


We have recently completed a highly successful treatment on one of our patients who had uneven, discoloured teeth, with missing teeth and irregular gaps between the teeth. Our patient was very self-conscious about the way he looked and came to us for a solution. We chose to use Emax veneers to give a great look, natural finish and long lasting result and he is delighted with the final look.

Following the success of the procedure, we wanted to tell you more about veneers and in particular Emax veneers to help you make an informed decision with your dentist.

Veneers are an excellent way to improve the look of your smile. It is a minimally invasive procedure and when the client leaves the clinic they are really easy to care for – just like your normal teeth! We have written an article all about veneers on our blog, which is a good introduction to veneers in general.

As there are a number of different types to choose from, we wanted to let you know about Emax and why they are our preferred choice.

What are Emax veneers?

Emax is a type of ceramic material made with something called lithium disilicate.

Why do you use Emax?

Emax is a kind of pressed ceramic which is brilliant because of it’s strength, durability and the fact that we can use very thin veneers to get very natural results.

It is a very resistant material (360-400 MPa), which is easy to use and is resistant to wear over time, leading to excellent long-lasting results. It is also a material that fits perfectly with the anatomy of the gum, which gives patients a very comfortable fit and makes it very safe to use.

In terms of the cosmetic appearance, lithium disilicate is translucent, so it looks very natural and matches with other teeth very well.

Overall, we find it a very versatile material and one which we think gives excellent results for our patients.

We can use the Emax ceramic in the following ways –

  1. Minimally invasive inlays and onlays, which we use when there are very big cavities in the teeth to cover the area and restore strength and structure to the tooth,
  2. To make veneers
  3. To make crowns and bridges

What are the other options?

Veneers can also be done with feldspathic ceramics, which gives a very natural look which the patients really like, but they are not as strong as the Emax variety. Another option is composite veneers, which can be matched to the colour of your original teeth for a very natural look and are very strong.  However, the colour that is used on these veneers will wear off over time, so the look is not as long lasting and consistent.

What problems do you use veneers to treat?

Veneers are a great tool for dentists as they can help with a range of problems such as closing gaps between the teeth, discoloured teeth which doesn’t respond to whitening and wear due to grinding.

When are veneers not suitable for patients?

Veneers are suitable most of the time. However if patients already have crowns we can’t use them.


Patients should come in to discuss their options and find out if veneers would be suitable for them. If not, there are many other tools we can use to give you a great smile and ensure teeth are healthy and strong. Make an appointment to visit our Marbella dentist today and start your journey to a beautiful smile.


It’s the month of love and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We hope you have a wonderful day and are feeling very loved right now. As dentists, we don’t think you should restrict your love just to that special someone, and recommend that you take the time to show some love for your teeth as well. Here’s how you can show them you care –


We are one of the few official providers of the Invisalign system of invisible braces in the Marbella area. This is an incredibly popular system, which is helping adults all over the world to straighten their teeth and improving their smiles without ugly “train tracks”. We are really proud to be able to offer this great system which is highly effective, hygienic, convenient and almost invisible.

To help you to understand how Invisalign can improve your smile, we spoke to our orthodontic specialist Dr Nagore Benito and asked her to give us six reasons why she recommends Invisalign.


At MarDenta, we believe that developing a relationship with your dentist is really important to getting the best care possible.

When you trust your dentist and have been to them several times you relax, and any fear you may feel about treatment will diminish. Your dentist will also be able to get to know you and your mouth and can personalise their approach, allocating more time to nervous patients or those who are very sensitive to work being done for example. When we see you over a long period of time it is easier for us to see issues developing and be able to catch them early, and also keep an eye on anything such as grinding and be able to make an informed recommendation for long term treatment.


Happy New Year to all our clients and friends!

This year, as your New Year’s resolution, we’d recommend that you commit to looking after your teeth better and making visiting the dentist part of your healthcare routine. Unfortunately, many adults are scared of the dentist, or see regular visits as an unnecessary expense and so they don’t visit the dentist until they are in pain. This means that by the time they come and see us things are in a mess and a problem which would have been easy to solve in the early stages has now been left too long and it may be impossible for us to save the tooth.


We all have bad breath from time to time, if we’ve eaten something strong like onion or garlic, or if we’re unwell. However if you experience it all the time, this is called chronic halitosis and it could be a sign that you have a problem with your teeth or oral health.

If have bad breath, first drink plenty of water and chew minty sugar free gum, to make sure your mouth remains clean throughout the day. If that doesn’t do the trick, see if you can trace it back to a particular food. If your body is sensitive to the food then it won’t digest it as well and gasses can make your breath smell.


An abscess is a common dental problem, which is a painful, swollen mass which is normally warm to the touch. Dental abscesses can be in the tooth, in the gum or even in the bone. If it effects the gums, the area will be red, inflamed and have puss inside. You will normally experience a throbbing pain, which can spread to your ear, jaw and even neck and can cause redness and swelling in your face.

It is not something you should ignore, as it is an infection which can spread into the bloodstream and can develop into a fever and make you very ill. If you have any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is something which will not normally go away on its own and can get serious if it is not treated quickly.


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