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Here we will be posting regular information about dental procedures, case studies, new developments in the field plus what’s going on in Marbella and at MarDenta to keep you informed.


We are one of the few official providers of the Invisalign system of invisible braces in the Marbella area. This is an incredibly popular system, which is helping adults all over the world to straighten their teeth and improving their smiles without ugly “train tracks”. We are really proud to be able to offer this great system which is highly effective, hygienic, convenient and almost invisible.

To help you to understand how Invisalign can improve your smile, we spoke to our orthodontic specialist Dr Nagore Benito and asked her to give us six reasons why she recommends Invisalign.


Today we’re getting to know more about Raquel Sanchez Leon, our experienced Dental Hygienist and Orthodontist, with more than 20 years’ experience. Her kind and friendly manner really puts people at ease and she is patient, caring and always does everything with a smile.

Raquel is originally from Malaga, but has lived in Marbella for many years and is dedicated to her career in dentistry. She started in 1990 as a dental nurse and since 1996 she has also specialised in orthodontics, working to give people beautiful straight teeth and a healthy, brilliant smile. At MarDenta, she is our Practice Manager, dental nurse and hygienist and speaks Spanish, German and English.


One of our dental services is restorative dentistry, but it’s become clear that few people really understand what that means, so we decided to write an article to make it clear for you!

The definition of restorative dentistry is “is the study, diagnosis and integrated management of diseases of the teeth and their supporting structures and the rehabilitation of the dentition to functional and aesthetic requirements of the individual.”


Today we’re getting to know one of our lead dentists Dr Nagore Benito as part of our regular meet the team feature. We believe it’s important that you know their backgrounds and education so that you can feel very confident in their care.

Nagore was born in San Sebastian in the North of Spain and speaks Spanish, English and the Basque language Euskera. She studied dentistry at the University of the Basque country, graduating in 2008. Since she graduated, she worked in several private dental practices in Spain to get experience in different settings and then went to live and work in the North of England. She lived in England for seven years, working as a general dentist for both private and NHS patients and improving her English.


At MarDenta we specialise in orthodontics and helping patients get a fabulous smile. Some people don’t really understand what orthodontics is and what options are available to them, so we wanted to give you the low down here.

Orthodontics is all about straightening crooked teeth or realigning teeth that don’t fit together such as an overbite or underbite, or teeth which are either too crowded or have gaps between them. The main reason that people come to us dentists for orthodontic treatments is that they want a better smile, but there are also some real health benefits to it too. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean and therefore at greater risk of tooth decay, they can also stop you chewing properly and lead to headaches.


Welcome to MarDenta, the new English speaking dental practice in central Marbella. We pride ourselves on offering high quality, professional dental care using the latest technology and techniques and have brought together a wonderful multi-disciplinary team to be able to treat any problem.

As an introduction to our dental clinic, we wanted to give you seven great reasons why you should trust MarDenta with all your dental care needs…


We are pleased to announce that Dr Nagore Benito from the MarDenta team has become qualified as an official provider of Invisalign invisible braces. This means we can help adults and teens get the smile they have always dreamed of, without the embarrassment of using the traditional “train-track” braces.

Invisalign has a portfolio of innovative treatments which can treat a large range of issues from overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbites, overbites and underbites with virtually invisible aligners.


MarDenta is a friendly, approachable family
dental practice in Marbella. With NHS
experience and a focus on patient care,
we combine orthodontic expertise with all
round dental treatments for complete care
for all the family.


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