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Here we will be posting regular information about dental procedures, case studies, new developments in the field plus what’s going on in Marbella and at MarDenta to keep you informed.


At MarDenta, we believe that developing a relationship with your dentist is really important to getting the best care possible.

When you trust your dentist and have been to them several times you relax, and any fear you may feel about treatment will diminish. Your dentist will also be able to get to know you and your mouth and can personalise their approach, allocating more time to nervous patients or those who are very sensitive to work being done for example. When we see you over a long period of time it is easier for us to see issues developing and be able to catch them early, and also keep an eye on anything such as grinding and be able to make an informed recommendation for long term treatment.


Dr Alcalá is our implant specialist, a highly experienced surgeon who has studied extensively and specialised in implants, dental prosthesis, periodontics and periodontal surgery. After he graduated from the University of Granada in 2007 in odontology, he has continued studying the theory of surgery and specialising in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and implants. He has done two post-graduate courses in dental prosthesis and advanced periodontics and has worked in many of the best clinics in Cadiz and Malaga province. We spoke with him to find out a little more…


It’s time for our regular meet the team feature and today we’re getting to know Dr Nacho Dúran. We believe it’s important that you know our team as well as their backgrounds and education so that you know you’re in safe hands.

Dr Duran was born in 1986 and is the son of a highly regarded doctor and intensive care specialist, so medicine was in his blood. He wanted to be a dentist because helping people’s health was always his dream and dentistry is a specialism that combines health and helping people with appearance and beauty.


Today we’re getting to know one of our lead dentists Dr Nagore Benito as part of our regular meet the team feature. We believe it’s important that you know their backgrounds and education so that you can feel very confident in their care.

Nagore was born in San Sebastian in the North of Spain and speaks Spanish, English and the Basque language Euskera. She studied dentistry at the University of the Basque country, graduating in 2008. Since she graduated, she worked in several private dental practices in Spain to get experience in different settings and then went to live and work in the North of England. She lived in England for seven years, working as a general dentist for both private and NHS patients and improving her English.


MarDenta is a friendly, approachable family
dental practice in Marbella. With NHS
experience and a focus on patient care,
we combine orthodontic expertise with all
round dental treatments for complete care
for all the family.


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