Marbella Book Festival 2016


From the 22nd of July to the 21st of August the Marbella Book Festival is taking place on the Costa del Sol. The activities are taking place in the Alameda park and in the Hospital Real de la Misericordia in Marbella Old Town, where the book signings, exhibitions and performances are taking place.

The preacher this year is the well-known author Juan Malpartida and there are over 40 activities scheduled over the month. There is also a focus on Don Quijote with stories known as “quijotescos” and a round table discussion all about the famous book. As the legendary Spanish author rightly said “He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot” and this is why the organisers of this event are trying to bring the culture of reading and literature to as many people as possible. According to Gema Midón “We want a Book Fair which is more appealing and much more interactive, which will be a culture focal point for Marbella, not just for older people and keen readers, but also for the smallest members of the area.”

There are many great components of this festival. One of the highlights is the Cervantes Prize winner Jorge Edwards speaking to author Juan Malpartida in the University Room at the Hospital Real de la Misericordia. Here are some highlights of the festival from today until the end of this great cultural event.

Marbella Book Festival Calendar

01/08 – Paper Workshop with Salvador Morales

02/08 – Comic workshop

03/08 – Paper Workshop with Salvador Morales

03/08 – Comic Workshop

03/08 – 18.30-20.30 – Poetry Workshop with poet Peyrou “Elements of Contemporary Poetry”

04/08 – Comic workshop

04/08 – 18.30-20.30 – Poetry Workshop with poet Peyrou “Elements of Contemporary Poetry”

05/08 – 18.30-20.30 – Poetry Workshop with poet Peyrou “Elements of Contemporary Poetry”

08/08 – Paper Workshop with Salvador Morales

09/08 – Poetry Workshop in the Montones de Cuentos

12/08 – Painting workshop with Curro Leyton

15/08 – Paper Workshop with Salvador Morales

17/08 – Paper Workshop with Salvador Morales

20.30 – Cervantes discussion with drinks and nibbles “El juez de los divorcios” with the association Friends of the Marbella City Theatre.

20/08 – Story time and puppet theatre for kids in the Alameda, register for your place before in the stand of the “Delegación de Cultura”

In addition to these events you can go to see the book stands, browse the selection of books and soak in the atmosphere in the Alameda between 11.00 and 14.00 and 19.00-23.30 every day apart from Sunday, when the opening hours are 12.00-14.00 and 19.00-23.30.

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