Enjoy Marbella’s Best Party – Feria 2017

After a period of unsettled weather, it looks like the sun is now here to stay and summer is definitely on its way. Summer in Marbella means hot sunny days, warm evenings, buzzing restaurants and bars and loads of great events – it’s a brilliant time to come!

One of the highlights of the calendar is the feria, a week of partying which brings the whole town onto the street and is the best party of the year. It is from the 6th to the 12th of June and has two parts – the day fair and the night fair.

The day fair takes place in the centre of the town from 1pm until around 8pm, in the pedestrianised Paseo de Alameda. It has a carnival air, with stalls set up all along the long street pumping out music, selling cold beers and cocktails and cooking up delicious dishes of traditional Spanish food. There is also a stage with dance performances and activities for the kids and it’s always a lot of fun.

If you want to fit in with the locals and try a delicious and refreshing new drink, order a rebujito. This is a mix of sherry and lemonade over ice and is delicious and about as Spanish as you can get! Tinto de Verano is also a nice option, red wine and lemonade served cold – sweet and delicious, perfect for a long hot day partying.

As night falls, the action moves out of town, up to the fairground just by the main shopping centre La Cañada. There you’ll find more of the casetas (or little houses) with music, food and cold drinks, plus a big fairground with loads of rides perfect for kids and thrill seekers alike. Feria week is a brilliant time to visit Marbella, where you will see a very different side to this cosmopolitan town. This is the real Spanish Marbella and is a lot of fun!

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