Feria Time in Marbella

Our dental clinic is located close to the centre of Marbella, right by the iconic “pirulí” or copper tower and near El Corte Ingles, Starbucks and the hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe. This amazing location gives us a great opportunity to experience all the hustle and bustle of Marbella and tell you about the events and activities happening in this amazing town.

Today the Marbella Feria in honour of the town’s patron saint San Bernabe begins. We’re really happy that the feria has come back to the town, after several years away from the centre.

Tonight, head down to the Marbella port (Puerto Deportivo) for the amazing fireworks on the beach at around midnight which herald the start of the fun. It’s a great atmosphere, and you can sit in one of the beach bars to have a few drinks before the fireworks begin. You can also go up to by La Cañada shopping centre for the start of the night fair at 8.30, which will be running there every night, with rides, stalls, food, drink, music and dancing late into the night.

Then tomorrow (7th June) the day fair starts at 1pm, which this year will be lining the Paseo de la Alameda right in the centre of town, just opposite the historic Old Town. It will be amazing to see the festivities right back in the middle during the day. There will be drinks, dancing, music and food throughout the day.

If you have kids, then head to the Fiesta Infantil or Children’s Party by La Cañada on the 8th June from 7pm. There will be bouncy castles, slides, workshops and performances, food and drink and lots of fun, plus rides are half price for the kids just for this day.

On the 10th June there’s a street party, parade and fireworks at 12. A parade of giants will be winding through the streets of the Old Town and along the main street and the Paseo de la Alameda, ending at Plaza de la Victoria for the opening of the bars in the Alameda Park and Avenida del Mar for another day of partying.

The 11th of June is the patron’s day and it is a local holiday, so be prepared that all the shops will be closed. There will be a religious procession from 11 through the streets starting from the main church at the Plaza de Iglesia and winding through the old town. Following this procession is a great way to tour the Old Town and see it at its best before you head back to the party in the Alameda park from 1pm.

The final day of the festivities is Sunday 12th which follows the same pattern of dancing, drinking and eating all day in the centre of town, before heading to the fairground up at La Cañada. Whichever day you choose of this amazing week, you will see a side of Marbella that you may not expect – the fact that this is a vibrant, Spanish community who love to party. Join in the fun and fall in love with Marbella and the Marbellís!

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