Four common dental problems

We believe that knowledge is power when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy, so we wanted to give you an overview of the most common dental problems, so you can know the signs of something developing and visit your dentist, before the issue progresses and causes significant damage and pain.

Below are the most common dental problems, with short explanations of what they are and the tell-tale symptoms, so you can catch them before they get too bad. Click on the links for more detailed articles on each problem

  1. Tooth decay – Anyone can suffer from a cavity, as we all have plaque and bacteria in our mouths which are producing acids that can damage our teeth. Children and older people are particularly at risk, but with good dental hygiene and a lower sugar diet you can stop plaque in its tracks.
  2. Periodontitis or Gum Disease– Gum disease is a serious issue, which starts with a bacterial infection and progresses if not treated to attack the gums and bone and cause teeth to fall out in the most extreme cases. It is caused by plaque, so regular brushing and flossing can reverse the early stages of gum disease. Dentists can also treat it with a deep cleaning and medication for the infection, but please don’t leave it too long to seek treatment.
  3. Tooth Infection – Once tooth decay progresses to the pulp inside the tooth, or a tooth is cracked, bacteria can reach this area and cause an infection. This can be very painful, but we can treat it with a root canal
  4. Acid Erosion – Acid in food, fruit drinks, sports drinks or fizzy drinks in particular can wear away the enamel, causing sensitivity, and discolouration. You can also cause this by overbrushing, so take it easy when you brush! Get rid of those fizzy drinks and switch to water for the best results, or visit your dentist if the enamel is already severely eroded.

Good oral hygiene and a low sugar, low acid diet are the best ways to avoid all these problems, as well as visiting your dentist at least once a year to stop any problems in their tracks. Our Marbella dentist can help you to care for your teeth properly, provide advice on preventative dentistry and treat any problems, with minimum stress and discomfort. The key is to come and see us, as soon as you start experiencing toothache, or bleeding or swollen gums, so we can treat it easily.

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