Four reasons we love Invisalign

We are one of the few official providers of the Invisalign system of invisible braces in the Marbella area. This is an incredibly popular system, which is helping adults all over the world to straighten their teeth and improving their smiles without ugly “train tracks”. We are really proud to be able to offer this great system which is highly effective, hygienic, convenient and almost invisible.

To help you to understand how Invisalign can improve your smile, we spoke to our orthodontic specialist Dr Pilar Rios and asked her to give us six reasons why she recommends Invisalign.

  1. Years of experience and research – There are other clear aligners on the market, but only Invisalign has 20 years of clinical research and is backed by the data and experience of 5 million cases. Their long history and dedication to research and innovation gives me the confidence that the technology is the best it can be, so I am happy to recommend it to my patients. I am particularly impressed by their patented SmartTrack material and SmartForce features which create a better fit, predictable tooth movement and is highly effective for a wide range of cases.
  2. It’s virtually invisible – This means even the most image conscious woman, or self-conscious teen will be happy to wear it. Braces were always embarrassing and the look of them stopped people who really needed them from seeking treatment. It is great to be able to offer an alternative which will give you the results you want without spoiling your look.
  3. They are hygienic and flexible – As they are removable, you can take them out to eat and brush. Anyone who has worn the traditional train track braces will know that food gets stuck in them and cleaning the teeth around and behind the braces is very difficult. This can lead to problems with decay and is also really inconvenient, whereas with Invisalign, you remove it to eat and then brush and floss as normal, putting them back in for the rest of the day.
  4. They don’t rub or hurt your mouth – Many users of conventional braces suffer from mouth ulcers due to the brackets rubbing on the inside of their mouth, it is also common for broken wires or brackets to cut the inside of the mouth and it is very painful. Invisalign is smooth, soft plastic which fits well, is comfortable and doesn’t hurt!

If you have always wanted straighter teeth but couldn’t cope with braces, come and talk to our experts about Invisalign. Our orthodontic specialist Dr Pilar Rios is one of the few official, qualified providers of Invisalign in the Marbella area and can help you get the right treatment so that you can be proud of your smile! Please contact us to make an appointment to discuss your needs and start your journey to straighter teeth.