General Dentistry in Marbella

There are a lot of dental clinics specialising in one area of dentistry, such as cosmetic dentistry or implants, but we believe that a clinic should offer all the services you could need under one roof. For this reason, we have brought together a number of different dentists in order to be able to help all our patients.

We have experts who can offer high quality orthodontics, implant specialists and dentists who are excellent at cosmetic dentistry, but what brings it all together is good old-fashioned general dentistry.

Our lead dentists are Dr. Nacho Duran and Dr. Nagore Benito, well qualified, experienced dentists who are fluent in English and Spanish. They are focussed on patient care and making everyone that comes to our Marbella dentist feels comfortable, secure and in very safe hands.

They are both very strong in general dentistry, by which we mean the process of checking your teeth during a routine appointment, cleaning them, taking x-rays and undertaking routine procedures such as fillings. In this role, they will also advise you on steps you can take to improve your dental health, discuss oral care routines and also preventative treatments you can have to stop things developing in the future.

If you come and see us regularly, eat sensibly and take good care of your teeth, this should be the only thing you need, and we hope to become your trusted dentist for years to come.

MarDenta is very much a family dentist, able to help kids, parents and grandparents to have healthy, pain-free teeth throughout their lives. We put the patient first and our values of honesty and transparency are key to giving you a great experience each time you visit the dentist.

If you need help in other areas, such as braces for the kids, teeth whitening or cosmetic treatments or support with reversing damage which wasn’t caught early enough, we are here to support you and have other specialists we can bring in when the need arises. This means you know that you can trust in MarDenta for whatever you need.

Please come in for a consultation and let us check that your mouth, gums and teeth are healthy and help you keep them that way. We are just by the copper tower and Palacio de Congresos in Marbella and hope to see you soon.

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