The Importance of Dental Checkups for Kids

As paediatric dental specialists in Marbella, who worked in the UK for many years, we were shocked by recent research by the British Dental Association which revealed that more than 40% of children in England did not go to the dentist in 2015. This is incredible considering tooth decay is the most common reason young children go to hospital!

In Spain this is also a serious problem and we suspect may be even more prevalent because there is very little free dental care provided. This means that parents can be concerned about the costs and also scared that the children won’t like the experience, so they put it off until there is a serious problem. This is a really bad idea, as it puts the child off going to the dentist in the future and can lead to painful dental procedures, which could have been easily controlled if treated earlier.

We answered the most commonly asked questions about children’s teeth a few months ago and we had a lot of great feedback from concerned parents, who really didn’t know what to do with their kids and their dental health. The most important point is that you should be taking your child to the dentist as soon as their baby teeth start coming through, as not only does this allow us to keep an eye on the teeth as they develop, but it also gets them used to coming to the dentist and establishes a good dental health routine for life.

Kids should visit the dentist every six months, as well as being encouraged to cut down on sugary foods and be taught how to brush properly and take care of their teeth. We know it’s not always easy to get kids to brush their teeth, but stick with it and try to explain to them why it is important, so they can start taking control!

Please don’t wait until your children start experiencing toothache before you bring them to the dentist, come and book them in for a consultation and help them to keep their teeth healthy. Our Marbella dentist specialises in paediatric dentistry, we are kind and patient and do everything in our power to make children feel relaxed and comfortable. Book a consultation