Make Dental Health your New Year’s Resolution in 2018

Happy New Year to all our clients and friends!

This year, as your New Year’s resolution, we’d recommend that you commit to looking after your teeth better and making visiting the dentist part of your healthcare routine. Unfortunately, many adults are scared of the dentist, or see regular visits as an unnecessary expense and so they don’t visit the dentist until they are in pain. This means that by the time they come and see us things are in a mess and a problem which would have been easy to solve in the early stages has now been left too long and it may be impossible for us to save the tooth.

Once you are in pain, things have gone too far, and treatment will be more unpleasant and significantly more expensive than regular check-ups and preventative care, so it really is a false economy. You should come and visit the dentist at least once a year, so make an appointment now for the new year and start the year off right.

Then check the state of your toothbrushes and replace any with frayed bristles and make a note to replace toothbrushes every 3-4 months.

Then look at your diet and think whether you have sweets or chocolates more than 3 times a week, whether you eat a lot of processed food which is high in sugar and salt and if you drink a lot of fruit juices or smoothies. All these things can cause you to put on weight and also to have bad teeth, so January is a great time to cut down on these things, increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and also increase the amount of water you drink. This will improve your general health and dental health and is a great way to start the year.

Finally review your tooth care process and ask yourself the following questions –

  • Do you brush your teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes twice a day?
  • Do you floss?
  • Do you brush, drink water or chew sugar free gum after meals or sugary snacks?

If you can make these three things a routine and something you don’t think about, you will be starting the year right, reducing teeth decay, sensitivity and pain in 2018. We hope to see you soon for a check-up and clean.

To help you start the year with the perfect smile, this January we will be offering cleaning + airflow + whitening for a special price of 149€. Please contact us to book your appointment. 

Happy New Year!

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