Prevention is better than cure!

The vast majority of the work that we do is treating people who have come in with toothache or a serious problem which they can’t tolerate any more. These people are often wary of going to the dentist, scared or reluctant to spend money on dental check-ups unless they feel something is really wrong. By the time they come to the dentist, the problem is serious, they are usually in pain and the treatment involved is extensive. But there is another way….

We recommend preventive dentistry which will keep your mouth healthy throughout your life, and catch any problem early enough for treatment to be minimal. Preventive dentistry focuses on decay and gum disease, the most common causes of tooth loss and pain, and stops problems from appearing – so no fillings and no extractions! Sounds good – right?

The best time to start with a preventive dentistry routine is as a child, as it works great oral care, regular visits to the dentist and cleaning and strengthening treatments into the DNA and they will usually carry that through for life. However, you can even start as an adult, and it’s advised after dental treatment to make it last and minimise future work.

Preventive dentistry involves –

  • Yearly visits to the dentist
  • Annual scale & polish to remove plaque and tartar
  • Advice on brushing, flossing, diet and general tooth care for you to take home and implement throughout the year
  • Checking fillings, spotting any early cracks or roughness and treating before it breaks with a small surface filling for example

Protective treatments can also be advised for children, or adults with particular issues. The most common are fluoride varnishes for children, to help develop strong enamel and protect it and also sealants for the biting surfaces of the teeth to make them smoother and easier to clean and prevent decay.

None of these treatments are invasive or painful, there’s no drilling or extractions, simply deep cleaning, checking and prevention on a regular basis. This is the way to have a positive experience of the dentist, limit big dental bills down the line, stop toothache and keep a healthy mouth and we thoroughly recommend implementing this regime for yourself and your family.

At our Marbella dental clinic we have specialist paediatric dentists who can help your child start and maintain good oral care for a lifetime! Come and talk to us about preventive dentistry, or book yourself in for a check-up and clean and start the journey to a healthy mouth and teeth.

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