What are veneers and why might I need them?

At our Marbella dentist, one of the most popular tools in our cosmetic dentistry toolkit are veneers, super thin laminates which are stuck onto your teeth and custom made for a perfect fit.  They are great because they are non-invasive and can fix a whole host of problems such as chipped, broken or worn down teeth, uneven or irregularly shaped teeth, or close gaps without braces.

If teeth don’t respond to teeth whitening, veneers can be a good option to bring back a bright smile and also cover over any imperfections.  As well as making your teeth look great, they also mimic enamel and give your teeth strength and resilience. Almost anyone can have dental veneers and they look very natural, as they are sculpted for each patient.

The process of getting a veneer is an initial consultation, followed by preparation of the tooth by removing a thin layer (1/2mm) of enamel from the tooth and then taking impressions so the lab can create a veneer. After the lab have created your veneer, they are fitted and trimmed and when they are perfect, they will prepare the tooth to allow the veneer to bond better and then stick it on using a special cement. This is very clever stuff, which quickly hardens when a special light is shone onto it and is very strong.

Both dentists and patients like veneers, as the natural teeth remain largely intact and there is little discomfort for the patient during the process. Also, the teeth are cared for, and feel and look just like natural teeth. Simply brush and floss as normal and visit the dentist regularly and enjoy a great smile.

However, please note that as enamel is removed this is not a reversible treatment and one common side effect is increased sensitivity to hot and cold. You also need to take a little extra care with the veneers as are they are brittle. They are very strong, but the key is not to put excessive pressure on them, by biting nails, chewing ice or pencils for example. Most our patients respond very well to them and love the results!

If you’d like to discuss whether veneers would be right for you, or whether any other cosmetic dentistry techniques would suit you better, come and visit our Marbella dentist. Our dental clinic is located in central Marbella, right by the Palacio de Congresos and the copper tower. We are experienced, highly qualified dentists, offering a very patient focussed experience and total transparency, so together we can find the right solution to get you the results you want.  Book a consultation.

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