When should you have sedation at the dentist?

Sedation is a great tool for patients with a fear of visiting the dentist, or those with a lot of work to be done in one go. We can control the level of sedation depending on the level of fear you are experiencing or what we need to do. This is not general anaesthesia, you are conscious but deeply relaxed and able to answer questions and respond to requests. However, you will not feel bothered by what is happening, time goes quickly and in many cases you will not remember much of the procedure so it can feel as if you were asleep.

If you want to be sedated, you will speak to your dentist and they will decide upon the manner of administering the sedation in order to make you the most comfortable and ease your fears. There are the options of minimal sedation which just gives you a feeling of relaxation, moderate sedation or deep sedation when you are barely conscious.

We find that simply the knowledge that sedation is an option will calm patients considerably and makes the lead up to the procedure a lot easier for them and their experience in general will therefore be better.  Please note that you will also receive a local anaesthetic to numb any pain.

Sedation is recommended for very nervous patients, those with a low pain threshold, people who have difficulty sitting still, such as children, those that have very sensitive teeth or a bad gag reflex and those who need a lot of dental work completed at one time. Almost anyone who needs it can have sedation with very few risks, even children are able to have it, but it is important that young patients and also any obese patients are carefully monitored and doses are controlled.

It is important to be sure that your dentist has the right qualifications and experience to perform the sedation that you need. Our dentist in Marbella sedation specialist is Ignacio Duran Leardi, a Doctor and intensive care specialist, with 30 years’ experience working in Marbella and Gibraltar. He is also head of his department at the Quiron Hospital in Marbella, so you know you are in very safe hands. He supports the sedation process, ensuring it is totally safe and you get the best care. He will choose between inhaling a gas, taking a pill or using an IV for the sedation depending on your particular needs and answer any questions or fears that you may have.

Please call us or book a consultation to discuss your dental needs, your fears about dental work and your wish to have sedation and we can talk you through the whole process. We are very patient and understanding and take fears very seriously, so please don’t worry, we are here to help.

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